Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Available Now

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New Generation of Innovation Database Delivers Superior Quality of Service with Lower Cost.

Facts News

* Oracle ® Database 11g Release 2 has been available and can be downloaded today from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).
* The latest generation of database # 1 in the world was created with the existing innovations in Oracle Database 11g to help organizations deliver better information throughout the enterprise, with a high level of service and lower costs.

Reduce Costs Better 5x Server with integration into the Grid

* With this release, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) delivers plug and play grid and a new server pooling capabilities which allow organizations to reduce their server costs with streamlined provision and regulation of the consolidated database grid.
* Oracle RAC Node One, the new database option, which is available today. One Oracle RAC Node is a solution that enables customers to easily consolidate them into a database environment with the availability of grid provided by Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Reduce Storage Costs

* The combination of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Advanced Compression and Partitioning support the reduction of storage costs by compressing data as much as 2-4x and simplify the use of low-cost storage.
* In this release, Oracle Automatic Storage Management has been extended to support general purpose cluster file system and help customers reduce the cost of storage settings.

Eliminate Redundancy

* Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Real Application Clusters. Active Data Guard enables storage and server resources are used for fault tolerance and run production workload, maintaining servers and storage from idle to wait for the detection of errors.
* In this release, Edition-based Redefinition been introduced to enable the customer database applications can be upgraded online. This eliminates the need for a separate upgrade.

Improve Performance for Data Warehouses

* Oracle Database 11g Release 2, combined with Oracle Database Machine, can deliver the performance 10 times faster.
* Release can deliver better performance with the ability to transparently carry out work against the data already stored in memory across servers on the grid.

Improving DBA Productivity 2x

* The ability automated settings that can help to double the productivity of database administrators from the old version of Oracle Database, and reduce the time required to upgrade from previous versions.
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Do you want $100 Direct From Paypal?

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Breaking news from Paypal.Com again gave money for the facebook users. It’s easy, just register to Paypal Wishlist programs and follow the instructions progress and you will immediately earns of $ 1 direct from

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The maximum income you can get is $ 100, not bad for free money, isn’t it?

So, here are those steps:

1. First login to your account. If you don’t have a Facebook, then just create.

2. Sign in to Wishlist Paypal promotion page.

3. Enter your valid Paypal email address and already verified through the menu at top left. If you don’t have a Paypal account, create in Paypal.Com and verify credit card or VCC.

4. Create your wish list by pressing the Create button Wishlist. When finished, you can download the programs to share this Paypal Wishlist to your other friends on Facebook.

In accordance with their terms, you will get your earnings on February 28, 2010.

More Terms and Condition read here
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oracle Fusion Application

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Oracle annouced that it is releasing Oracle Fusion Application in 2010 which will use Fusion middleware as the integration platform.

Oracle Fusion Application is one more ERP software just like SAP or Oracle JD Edwards with a superior architecture (that what Oracle claims). So in a nutshell I see a very bright future for Fusion middleware technology. Though as Bikram said it is a completely different track than Oracle DB. I think I read somewhere that a lot of Fortune 500 companies have already started using fusion middleware.
Being a Oracle JD Edwards guru already started learning fusion middleware which will be the next generation platform. Oracle has released latest version of their ERP JD Edwards 9.0 which is fusion middleware enabled.

This will allow JD Edwards ERP to be integrated easily with other ERP, CRM, SCM, leagacy softwares.

Fusion middleware is based on SOA standards like XML, WSDL etc which seems to be the direction the software industry is moving. So of course it has a great future just like Oracle Database.
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Friday, November 06, 2009

Upgrade to AVG 9.0

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After more than 2 years of using AVG antivirus from, from version 8.0 and 8.5 and today's upgrade to 9.0. AVG have good protection from virus, . But people didn't have same opinion, every antivirus have it's unique character, good and bad, too.

Upgrade files approximately 60 MB, then the configuration run automatically.

Just keep your antivirus updated
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