Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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The Environmental Support Programme (ESP) Phase 2, Component 1 is a development cooperation between the Governments of Denmark and Indonesia. The main objective is to improve cross-sectoral cooperation between the central and local government to ensure that environment is considered in planning and implementation of development activities in Indonesia.

The Component is now seeking a highly effective professional to manage the finance and accounting aspects of the Component's activities.
To download further information, including job description, required qualifications and other relevant information go to the following URL: www.esp2indonesia.org.

Candidates must submit their applications by 25 July 2009 at the latest to esp2-cfo@apex-cg.com. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

This recruitment process is managed by The Apex Consulting Group.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Nap Mat Can Make Your Life Better

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In our days, not apart from the household goods. Some of household goods we can provide in accordance with our taste. We are comfort because of what we use, such as clothes, bags, towels and nap mat. Those can be made by standard pattern or we can give some modification for our satisfaction. We usually provide thing near us for more value of life, so we can provide some variations in color, material and style of household goods.

For the towel wrap, can be selected from a soft material, with a bright color to make us feel more glamorous, or can be a dark color to give the soft impression.

Nap mat, usually for kids and babies made from cotton and soft nylon. Very easy to clean, just simply use machine wash. Suitable for kid’s activities and we can write good words or name on nap mat that accordance with the kids.

Laundry bag, made from Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric materials with a thick cloth, with shoulder strap. Can write in our name, or it can also written your brand as your business promotional materials on those laundry bag.

Those items mentioned above can make your life more varieties, and better life as you always want.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

too creative?

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say no to terrorism

guns and bombs, rockets and warships are all symbols of human failure. and any person who use them to state one's point of view or to gain power, well they simply should be withdrawn from the human race. - Marie Asima
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becareful of phising on facebook

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Attention XXX, your account will be deleted unless you co-operate!

Our automated system indicates that you are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or insulting by other users. Sometimes people get these warnings for simply misusing one of our features. Reasons for this may include but not limited to:
• Disturbing people with racist or sexist remarks in social applications,
• Misusing Facebook's mailing system,
• Registering more than one unique account,
• Inappropriate pictures in your profile or albums...
MoBi Moreno: You are violating Facebook's Terms of Use therefore your account will be deleted. Clicking on a link below will take you to more information on the list of people who have been reported you. For more information, please go to:

But nevertheless, there might be some error because of false reportings from people who don't like you at all. If you think that this message made by an error, or you do have some questions to ask about your account to our support team, you can go to our Account Help Section and fill the statement form out at:

Best Regards,
Adam Hupp.
Facebook Support Team Member






do not input your facebook user account and password
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Develop Healthcare Applications

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I am a Oracle developer analyst looking to go to school. I am interested in learning
11i Healthcare Transaction Base: Develop Healthcare Applications
I would not like to go to Oracle U. Can someone recommend another school?

Thank You
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

IT Jobs Opportunities in Singapore

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We are currently looking for following positions urgently for our MNC Client in Singapore. You can expect a good compensation and benefits as our Clients are best pay masters in the Industry. Following are the open positions. If you are interested, please send your updated profile immediately with the position name in the subject.

1. IT Fresh graduates:
Should have Engineering graduate with good grades. Should have good communication skills. Willing to learn and should have good attitude.

2. Netbackup Specialists:
With 2 - 5 yrs of Netbackup experience. Should have experience in handling enterprise data center off line backups. Experience in UNIX & Windows platform is preferable.

3. SAN Admins:
Should have 2 - 5 yrs of SAN admin experience. Should be well versed with UNIX, Windows platform. Experience in offline backup is preferable.

4. SAN Engineer:
Should have 2 - 5yrs experience in SAN Admin. ECC experience is mandatory. Experience in working various OS platform is expected.

5. UNIX Admins:
Should have 2 - 5 yrs of UNIX admin experience. SUN Solaris exporsure is a must. Should be able to handle offline backups.

6. Presales Engineer:
Looking for 4 - 8 yrs of UNIX admin and some Presales experience. Should have clear understanding on the Data center management and Infrastructure support. Involves travelling to middle east and other asian countries.

If you are interested, please send your profile to thomas@mysticglobal.com with the subject as the job title.

Thanks & Regards,

Recruitment consultant
#04-02 Bylands Building
135 Middle Road
Singapore – 188975.
H/P: 82394389
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Vacancies in Saudi Arabia 2009

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AYTB, a leading general trade company, opens vacancies for their company in Saudi Arabia;
1. Room Boy for Housekeeping 10 Nos.
2. Laundry men 6 Nos.
3. Kitchen Helpers (Catering) 12 Nos.
4. Cooks 2 Nos.
5. Driver 3 Nos.

Terms & Conditions:
a. Contract : 2 yrs
c. Working hours : 8 hours
d. Working days : 6 days
e. Over Time : 1.5x hourly rate
f. Food Allowance : Provided
g. Accommodation : Provided
h. Medication : Provided
i. Leave : 21 days after 18 months (Paid)
j. Air ticket : Provided (Return)
k. Location : Saudi

If you feel you are match with above positions, you are welcome to send CV in MS Word, not more than 300kb to arthur@totaldata.co.id

Please put position desired in your email subject. We are sorry, only shortlist candidates will be notified.

For more info’s, please call us at:
PT. Totaldata Persada
021-8477689, 021-84994728. Attn.: Ms. Dika/Ms. Eva
Mr. Admin, thanks for the space.
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Dimanakah Hayat ( Kehidupan ) ?

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Yesus berkata, "Akulah hayat."
Setelah memiliki Dia baru memiliki hayat dan baru bisa hidup. Tanpa Dia tiada hayat. Kedatangan-Nya sekali-kali bukan untuk membenahi masyarakat, bukan pula untuk memberi nasehat kepada orang-orang. Kedatangan-Nya justru untuk melimpahkan hayat-Nya kepada manusia.
Ia pernah berkata, "Aku datang supaya mereka mempunyai hayat."

Membenahi masyarakat, menyuruh orang berbuat baik, baru dapat dilaksanakan setelah orang yang mati dihidupkan. Tanpa itu, semua nasihat, pengajaran dan mawas-diri di luar hanya semakin membuat orang berpura-pura, munafik saja.

Mari sekarang tanyakan pada diri anda sendiri, sudah sekian puluh tahun anda bermawas diri, bagaimanakah hasilnya ?
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