Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Email from Google

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Google Analytics: $100 Advertising Offer on Google AdWords

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I want to share this coupon :)
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oracle 9i DBA online training

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Online training has became very popular & every other institute is offering online trainings.
Considering our busy & multitasking lives, every online service is indeed a huge convenience in many respects. Yet, I came across lot of IT consultants who prefers class room trainings better than online unless hard pressed.
Even though the instructor & training material may be the same. Compared to the class room, the online training is not very effective unless interest in the student is too intense. As learning at convenience of home has many distractions, the bottom line students does not learn much. The difference will be like watching a movie on your laptop and in the multiplex theater.
However in your case, you do not have an option but to learn online. I'm sure knowing this you would double interest & reap the maximum benefit of online training.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

About SCM Technofunctional Consultant

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Oracle SCM included the following core modules Order Management, Inventory, Procurement and Order Fulfillment.
However, now scope of SCM modules increasing to include many more modules

Advanced Procurement
Asset Life-cycle Management
Global Trade Management
Logistics & Transportation Management
Manufacturing Order Fulfillment
Oracle Service Optimization Suite
Product Life-cycle Management
Value Chain Planning

Functional Role : Requirement Gathering, Coordinate with stake holder, business users, Gap / Fit, business analysis, recommend process re-engineering, translate business problems into IT solutions, develop prototypes, obtain client's approval, design solution, document, lead, guide developers to develop or customize application, ensure application functionality that meet client's expectations - are some of the core responsibilities.
This requires strong communication, interpersonal, tact and time management skills too.

Technical Role : Work closely with functional consultant, migrate data from legacy to oracle application, PL/SQL, XML, etc, etc. Coding, customization of forms, reports, enhance the application, integrate with other sub-modules, write API's, fine tune application, initial testing, support, maintain, troubleshoot application - bottom line ensure application functionality meet client's expectations.
Therefore, essentially an Oracle techno-functional consultant requires combination of above functional and technical skills.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thieves Can Use Cards without Needing Security Code

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Flaw in Chip and PIN Means

A fatal flaw in the chip and PIN technology that is supposed to guarantee the security of millions of credit and debit cards has been identified by scientists. The loophole means stolen cards can be used in shop terminals and bank cash machines without being identified, it is claimed.

In theory, thieves would be able to make purchases and cash withdrawals without needing to key in the four digit PIN or being detected. The chip and PIN system became universal on Valentine's Day 2006, replacing the use of signatures to authorize purchases.

At the time banks said the introduction of the PIN system would reduce card fraud because even if a card was stolen it could not be used by a thief who did not know the number. Card fraud did fall initially, however, the figure rose 43 per cent by the end of 2008 to £610million and is thought to have risen even higher last year.

Professor Ross Anderson, from the Cambridge University Computer Lab, has uncovered a number of ways in which the system can be beaten. However, he claims the latest discovery is shocking in its simplicity.

Prof Anderson claims the banks may now need to rewrite the security software around the entire chip and PIN system in order to make it fully secure. The researchers discovered that a small circuit board containing a computer chip and transmitter can be attached to the chip on the plastic card and concealed up the sleeve.

This communicates with a computer stored in a backpack worn by the criminal when using the card at a till or cash machine. When the user is asked for the four digit PIN to authorize the transaction, they only need to key in a random code.

The software attached to the card then signals to the till terminal that a correct PIN has been used.

'We think this is one of the biggest flaws that has ever been uncovered against the PIN system and I have been in this business for 25 years,' said Prof Anderson.

Details of the flaw were revealed on BBC's Newsnight programme last night. It showed how four different cards could be authorize for purchases in a Cambridge University canteen by using a fake PIN of 0000.

Consumer lawyer, Stephen Mason, told the programme: 'The loopholes in the chip and PIN system are serious and I don't think they have been properly-addressed by the banks. They really have to think about this seriously.'

The introduction of chip and PIN brought with it a greater risk that victims of card fraud would have to carry the cost of any losses. Some banks have refused to refund losses where they argued consumers had been careless with their cards or failed to keep their PIN a secret.

Prof Anderson added: 'The banks have been lying about the security of their systems and the industry regulators have been completely gullible.' But the banks trade body, the UK Cards Association, denied the discovery was serious.

'We believe that this complicated method will never present a real threat to our customers cards,' it said.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz

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New feature from Google, you can start talking to your friend, chat and share things you find interesting.
Share what you're thinking. Post a picture, video, or other link here.
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