Monday, October 26, 2009

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

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Kitchen sink is the kitchen tool most frequently used. Not just for a place to wash dishes, fruits and vegetables, hand washing is often done here.

One of the things that need to be considered in buying a kitchen sink is a material manufacturer. There are various types of materials, can be found on the market. Choosing a suitable should be tailored to the needs, tastes, and last but not least important, budget.

Stainless steel most widely used. There are various levels of density of undermount stainless steel sinks. The more solid, indicating stronger kitchen sink and durable. Stainless steel is relatively easy to clean, and strong to heat and corrosion.

Undermount stainless steel sink most commonly used because it is easy to clean and resistant to heat and corrosion.

If you need a home kitchen sinks as a place to wash or clean a dirty, I suggest you to open, and there are many kinds and variety designs of kitchen sinks, with the best quality.

MR Direct manufactures our own brand stainless steel kitchen sinks. We engineer our sinks to be comparable or better quality than name brands like Kohler and Blanco. We sell at warehouse prices to the general public and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We would like to raise awareness about our affordable high quality sinks that are backed by a lifetime warranty.
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Oracle Shell Scripting or MS BI tools

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I request your advice regarding doubt over my future career plan
I have good experience in Oracle PL/SQL and can understand new topics related to it, i also have decent experience in Sql Server 2000/2008 T-SQL having worked on it recently in U.K.
I am now planning on getting further training and trying to decide whether i should be learning Shell Scripting which would augment my Oracle PL/SQL career or should i learn Microsoft BI tools which would augment Sql Server side.
Why i am trying to choose between either of them is the two even though are RDBMS have differences between them and concentrating on Shell scripting is entirely different related to MS BI.

Say if i learnt Oracle Pl/Sql it needs real time experience over a period of time to get expertise. But the prospects of Oracle Pl/Sql jobs in U.K. the contract/permanent roles are only given to a selected few.

During my job search i noticed Oracle pl/sql along with shell scripting jobs are 1:2 compared to MS BI jobs on the different job sites. Even the agencies that contacted were mostly for Sql Server compared to pl/sql.
But there are a lot of MS BI jobs in U.K. and if i learnt SSIS, SSRS, SSAS rather than shell scripting then it might be sensible in the long run,
I am unsure of which might be a sensible choice, i hope you understand my confusion concerning the matter and advise.
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Info on Oracle CRM certification

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Currently i have 6 years of experience in one of the less known CRM product and now i want to move to Oracle CRM and i am planning to take the certification also.
I tried in the oracle website and i couldn't find any certification related to Oracle CRM(could find only seibel).

can anyone share the link from where i can get the details for Oracle CRM.
Also i would like to know whether training from any of the oracle recognised universities is a must for trying the certifcation. Actually i am thinking of preparing on my know as the training is very costly.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tips from Huawei for Telecomunications Providers

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Huawei provides advice on telecommunications providers about high speed internet service aka mobile broadband.

High-speed Internet access via mobile telecommunications networks alias called mobile broadband will become a very lucrative business. For example, customer service is going to jump to more than 2 billion users in five years.

Huawei, provider of technology tools and telecommunications networks come from China, trying to give them wise advice.
1. New Business Model: Internet access is an increasingly viable through mobile devices opens opportunities for operators to become service providers and not just a channel provider.
2. Intelligent System: Yet to achieve the new business model, operators must be able to provide a unique service and customer needs. Not generalized all customers.
3. Future Technology: The operator needs to have a long-term plan to adopt technologies that will come. This includes preparation adopt HSPA +, LTE, and femtocells that was allegedly going to become standard in the near future.
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Friday, October 02, 2009

Get extra income from your blogs

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Blog, some say it was a hobby, but there some could also become a professional blogger. There are even bloggers who quit his job to focus on a professional blogger and rely on income from blogging.

There are several ways for bloggers to get the fortunes of individual blogs, mostly by providing advertising space on their blog for the advertiser. But beyond that there are also bloggers who make money through paid reviews and sponsored posts.

Actually, what bloggers aim from advertisements on his blog? Sure to get a little extra income from his blog by advertise on blogs.

It's not every blogger wants his blog if you advertise. Especially if the advertise was a big banner, certainly avoided by the bloggers.

Some big brands like ORACLE advertise and promoting by asking bloggers to review their products. Way, the product was introduced directly to the bloggers, in hopes the bloggers will be reviewing the product on his blog. Free bloggers write their experience with the product. These reviews can be positive, can also be criticized. In essence, no matter what element of compulsion should be written by the blogger.

Blogs can be a means-profit and non-profit. Self satisfaction to write something like ideas, experiences, suggestions, comments, etc. can be written by the Internet. Submit in Yahoo directory to get more links and get listing in
get listing in DMOZ or another web directory.

Some of these ideas are not impossible in practice. But of course, it all depends of the willingness of every blogger. Who knows if these ideas will be realized, the bloggers can really get a real income from his blog activity.

So, you can start blog advertising from now to get extra income from your blogs.
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Lightning talks

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Lightning talks are 5-minute (or less) presentations on a single simple topic. Usually you have 7 to 12 speakers in a row, presenting a variety of talks one after the other on the same laptop using only PDF slides or no slides at all. The Ignite events take this even further by making the slides auto-advance every 10 seconds.

This is great training for any other speaking you want to do. Lightning talks (LTs) teach you a number of things which are key for doing longer talks:

•How to engage your audience in the first 60 seconds.
•How to stay on topic.
•How to pace yourself.
•Not to rely on fancy animations, complex demos, or in some cases, how to present with no slides at all.
•To rehearse your talk until you can deliver it without stalling, "ums" or reading notes.

Some additional tips on giving a good LT:

•Keep it simple: one narrow topic only.
•Tell at least one joke or have at least one funny image.
•Rehearse it until you don't need notes and don't need to look at the clock.
•Engage your audience in the first 30 seconds with a question, joke, or startling pronouncement.
•Slides are completely optional.
•Lists are very good "Top 10" or "5 ways" or "3 things".
•Skip the introductions, TOC, conclusions, or contact information; you shouldn't have time for that.
•Better to finish early than run over: target 4 minutes.
•If you have slides or a demo, keep in mind that you will probably need to present them on someone else's computer. Video is probably better than a live demo for this reason.
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Need Suggestion

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I am conversant with Oracle v 9i (back-end) and also its native front-end component - Developer suite 6i/9i/10g.I do not have in depth knowledge of architecture or DBA part of Oracle although, I have some idea.
Please clarify the following:
a) Which is the version of Oracle currently running in the market w r t back-end - Oracle 9i / 10g.
b) Prospects of Oracle's native front-end - Developer suite 6i/9i/10g in the market and also w r t career.
c) What is Oracle Apps or 11i?
d) Which certification - DBA track, Developer track, Oracle apps / 11i,Datawarehouse
e) Datawarehouse / Data mining as a career?
f) Tools /subjects w r t Datawarehouse / Data mining - like Informatica, etc
g) ERP, SAP w r t Oracle
h) Any other tools / subjects to know w r t Oracle?
i) How about UNIX / Linux along with Oracle?

Could any of you suggest the best possible path or solution. I would be grateful to you all.
Thanks and Regards,
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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Optimizing your business with web directory

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Do you know web directory? Yes like it is a web directory. Many webmasters out there are willing to spend some money just to get listing in DMOZ or another web directory.

Web directory is a directory that is in the World Wide Web, specializes in linking to other websites by category.
Web directories are not search engine and does not display the web page based on keywords, it displays the web page based on categories and subcategories. The grouping is based on the entire site, not based on a single web page or keywords, and web directories are often limited to only a few categories. Web directories allow web masters or site owners to submit their website to appear, and have editors review submissions for fitness.
Web directory works to make links to other websites which are grouped by specific categories.

As in general web directory, like Yahoo directory is a web directory that will surely help you increase the number of backlinks and increase your pagerank. If you submit your blog in you will have more links in business categories.

In business web directory you do not have to wait long as other web directories. Your blog link will be immediately and directly approved appear in the category you choose. So, you can use as one of your favorite web directory.

There is a web directory like BOTW that provides for the proposed sub-menu or the category of so-called 'suggest category "if the category is already available or less according to your needs and not complete.

But, of course we have to wait a few days [usually 1-2 days] before we can see our site in the web directories. Web directory administrator usually does a little review of the site we submitted.

Beside free web directory, there are also paid web directory. But, we have to save our budget, right? If there is a free one, why should we use the paid web directory? : D

Not all free directory requires us to link back if we are to submit our blog there, this means that if you want to put us on the web link directory, then we are not obliged to put a link directory as a reward

When you fill out the form, do not forget to insert your main keywords in description and in keywords. Choose the best category of your site, then just wait and see. Your blog / site will get backlink soon. Just hope we will get the best and our page rank will be increased.
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