Friday, October 02, 2009

Get extra income from your blogs

Blog, some say it was a hobby, but there some could also become a professional blogger. There are even bloggers who quit his job to focus on a professional blogger and rely on income from blogging.

There are several ways for bloggers to get the fortunes of individual blogs, mostly by providing advertising space on their blog for the advertiser. But beyond that there are also bloggers who make money through paid reviews and sponsored posts.

Actually, what bloggers aim from advertisements on his blog? Sure to get a little extra income from his blog by advertise on blogs.

It's not every blogger wants his blog if you advertise. Especially if the advertise was a big banner, certainly avoided by the bloggers.

Some big brands like ORACLE advertise and promoting by asking bloggers to review their products. Way, the product was introduced directly to the bloggers, in hopes the bloggers will be reviewing the product on his blog. Free bloggers write their experience with the product. These reviews can be positive, can also be criticized. In essence, no matter what element of compulsion should be written by the blogger.

Blogs can be a means-profit and non-profit. Self satisfaction to write something like ideas, experiences, suggestions, comments, etc. can be written by the Internet. Submit in Yahoo directory to get more links and get listing in
get listing in DMOZ or another web directory.

Some of these ideas are not impossible in practice. But of course, it all depends of the willingness of every blogger. Who knows if these ideas will be realized, the bloggers can really get a real income from his blog activity.

So, you can start blog advertising from now to get extra income from your blogs.

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notts on January 6, 2010 at 8:34 PM said...

thank you for your information, yes Payingpost is a scam
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