Thursday, October 01, 2009

Optimizing your business with web directory

Do you know web directory? Yes like it is a web directory. Many webmasters out there are willing to spend some money just to get listing in DMOZ or another web directory.

Web directory is a directory that is in the World Wide Web, specializes in linking to other websites by category.
Web directories are not search engine and does not display the web page based on keywords, it displays the web page based on categories and subcategories. The grouping is based on the entire site, not based on a single web page or keywords, and web directories are often limited to only a few categories. Web directories allow web masters or site owners to submit their website to appear, and have editors review submissions for fitness.
Web directory works to make links to other websites which are grouped by specific categories.

As in general web directory, like Yahoo directory is a web directory that will surely help you increase the number of backlinks and increase your pagerank. If you submit your blog in you will have more links in business categories.

In business web directory you do not have to wait long as other web directories. Your blog link will be immediately and directly approved appear in the category you choose. So, you can use as one of your favorite web directory.

There is a web directory like BOTW that provides for the proposed sub-menu or the category of so-called 'suggest category "if the category is already available or less according to your needs and not complete.

But, of course we have to wait a few days [usually 1-2 days] before we can see our site in the web directories. Web directory administrator usually does a little review of the site we submitted.

Beside free web directory, there are also paid web directory. But, we have to save our budget, right? If there is a free one, why should we use the paid web directory? : D

Not all free directory requires us to link back if we are to submit our blog there, this means that if you want to put us on the web link directory, then we are not obliged to put a link directory as a reward

When you fill out the form, do not forget to insert your main keywords in description and in keywords. Choose the best category of your site, then just wait and see. Your blog / site will get backlink soon. Just hope we will get the best and our page rank will be increased.

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