Monday, October 26, 2009

Oracle Shell Scripting or MS BI tools

I request your advice regarding doubt over my future career plan
I have good experience in Oracle PL/SQL and can understand new topics related to it, i also have decent experience in Sql Server 2000/2008 T-SQL having worked on it recently in U.K.
I am now planning on getting further training and trying to decide whether i should be learning Shell Scripting which would augment my Oracle PL/SQL career or should i learn Microsoft BI tools which would augment Sql Server side.
Why i am trying to choose between either of them is the two even though are RDBMS have differences between them and concentrating on Shell scripting is entirely different related to MS BI.

Say if i learnt Oracle Pl/Sql it needs real time experience over a period of time to get expertise. But the prospects of Oracle Pl/Sql jobs in U.K. the contract/permanent roles are only given to a selected few.

During my job search i noticed Oracle pl/sql along with shell scripting jobs are 1:2 compared to MS BI jobs on the different job sites. Even the agencies that contacted were mostly for Sql Server compared to pl/sql.
But there are a lot of MS BI jobs in U.K. and if i learnt SSIS, SSRS, SSAS rather than shell scripting then it might be sensible in the long run,
I am unsure of which might be a sensible choice, i hope you understand my confusion concerning the matter and advise.

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