Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm looking at something

I'm looking at something that is square in shape.
It’s silver and has a screen, under that been a wheel.
In the wheel there were four symbols, a fast forward and rewind, menu and play.
Behind it, at the bottom, there's writing that says things about copy written rights.
There's a hole at the bottom of it that is there for it to charge and update.
At the top there's a hole and a tab, the hole is for the headphones and the tab is to put it on hold.
It doesn't make a sound unless I connect headphones and press play.
It also makes a sound when I put my finger on the wheel and spin it.
When I turn it on and play a song it comes through on the headphones.
It smells like metal all around but on the top it smells like marker.
It feels smooth and cold.
It tastes like metal or what I would think metal tastes like.
Except for the top, there it tastes like paper.

The item is iPod.

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