Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Developer Notes
Mafia Wars Community,

A great number of players have contacted us over the past few days reporting problems with the game and as the developers, we want to take some time out to address your concerns. First off, our sincere apologies for not sharing anything with you sooner. We have been so focused on trying to fix the problems that we haven't taken any time out to speak up and let you know we've been hard at work attempting to address all of your concerns.

Now, here is our list of major problems and what we're doing to fix them.

1. Pages don't load/Refresh wheel is appearing constantly.

This is the result of the game becoming much more popular in the past couple weeks than we were able to predict coupled with some of the changes that Facebook is making to the platform. We are upgrading our servers as fast as we can to improve the performance of the app. Our team has been and will continue to work 7 days a week to solve this problem for our players.

2. Various rewards not showing up/Timers not displaying correctly.

Some rewards, especially those involving timers, require a page refresh to appear properly. The game is designed to minimize page refreshes in order to allow so many people to play simultaneously. Simply click a couple of tabs and the timers should adjust.

3. Players who cheat to get on the Top Families.

We are aware of such cheating and are taking appropriate actions to ban these players from the game as outlined in our Terms of Service. Going forward, to better facilitate communication between us and all of you, we will be putting up our own privately run forums. By running our own forums, we will be able to better moderate them which means less spam and more answers to your questions. Look for these in the next few weeks. Again, we would like to offer our apologies for the recent string of problems and reinforce that we are doing everything we can to increase the quality of the game.

The Mafia Wars Development Team

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