Monday, February 09, 2009

Hello Theresa,

I have recently made an interesting discovery so I thought I'd write to you today to tell you all about it. I have been studying your situation on an astrological level as you know and this particular discovery is somewhat unusal and very precious. Or rather I should say someone as this discovery concerns a certain someone who has been by your side for the past 46 years without you being very much aware of it. However this person has accompanied and protected you all the way through your life. You must be wondering just who this person could be.

Well Theresa, this person is your Guardian Angel. While you read the few lines that follow I would ask you to put aside your pre-conceptions and your doubts so that you can open your heart to accept the explanation of these Angels who envelop us all in their divine love. I have been working on your spiritualism and this has allowed me to discover who your guardian angel is and I have also found out how you can contact this being and have real proof of your Angel's existence. I can tell you now Theresa that your Angel is St. Gabriel - Special Messenger of God.

But let us begin by the beginning. The first question which we should ask is what exactly are Angels? For some people these are bright living lights, for others the essence of ancestors come to protect and shelter, some people believe Angels fly high in the sky and others still believe that these beings stay at our sides. It is difficult to respond precisely to this question but one thing is sure; Angels are out there and they give us constant reminders of their presence.

As far as I am concerned I believe that Angels live inside of us and they constantly sooth us and try to answer our most insignificant questions. I think that our Angels are to be found in the heart of our Chakra points and this is why to enter into contact with an Angel requires us to work deep within ourselves and to learn to develop our inner capacities. A lot of people have written about Angels and the general consensus seems to be that Angels are represented by bright rays of colored light which resemble the light which emanates from our Chakra points. Many people have witnessed this bright light and as a matter of fact a great number of these individuals claim to have seen bright golden lights flash in the corner of their eyes and these bright lights do not go away when they close their eyes! This is just the beginning, this is the first contact with a Guardian Angel.

Angels have access to our very souls and the essence of our being and this is how they are able to guide, inspire and protect us so well. These beings of light have a special power to light our souls and once we are able to listen to them we can absorb the valuable messages and advice which they whisper to us. Their aid is so precious to us because to is so personal and if we can call upon our Angel we benefit from their full support and counsel. This is why I want to help you to discover your particular Angel Theresa and how you can contact St. Gabriel - Special Messenger of God with all of your faith and hope.

This is why I have worked on how you may contact your Angel Theresa and I am ready to tell you how you can contact this being yourself. If you have a look at the web page link I am about to give you, you will be able to see photographs of the work I have done for you and you will also be able to discover how to contact your Angel yourself. You need only concentrate on your sensitivity, send your prayers and then listen for a response. This page will also give you some more details about Angels and how your Angel has already manifested itself in your life without you being fully aware of it. This makes for truly fascinating reading...

Here is the link:

Have a great day and speak to you soon.
Your faithful servant,

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