Saturday, May 16, 2009

Differences between Public Relations and Advertising

Advertising sales send a message that may persuasif for some prospective buyers to get right of a particular product or service with the cheapest cost.
From the above understanding about advertising, it can be concluded that the orientation of advertising is persuasif messages about the sale. Public Relations oriented to provide information, education and understanding through the creation of knowledge.

Advertising and Public Relations, is not the same but the advertising and Public Relations would be better have mutual support. With a sense that advertising will be even better if supported by Public Relations on it. Public Relations include a broader than advertising, Public Relations include the entire communication that takes place in an organization that is limited to the field of advertising and marketing functions only.

With the good management of public, it will be accomplished working together more productively in order to meet the interests of more efficient communication with some activities of the plan and widespread.

Once again, the public is a Public Relations practitioners that have bound them with the organization, so the public has the organization depend to each other. Therefore, the presence of Public Relations, which perform the activities of communications plans and distribution area, is expected to create cooperation between the public interest with the organization so that together can create more efficient.

In the activities of communication, a Public Relations practitioner must also know the characteristics of target public in communication activities so that the purpose of implementation of Public Relations communications could be achieved.

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