Thursday, May 07, 2009

How to add Feedburner's email subscriptions

Add Feedburner's Email Subscriptions

Some readers want to get update from your blog, and they want have it on their email adress.
Feedburner can do it very easy, just do this steps.

1. Create your account, go there and click register
2. Give them your RSS feed, usually it going to be
3. Verify then you will get your feed
4. Login to your account, click the Publicize tab then click Email
Subscriptions, activate and add the code to your website.
5. There is two options, you can choose form or link to add to your website.
6. Or you can use your blog widget, I use them on my wordpres blog and this blogspot
7. Add a new text widget.
8. Copy the FeedBurner Code to the text box.
9. Save your text widget.

I hope this post can help you, I have it too in my website. Hope you can find it. LOL


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