Thursday, May 21, 2009

Direct SEO Tips

SEO #1
Reduce the amount of duplicate content on your webpages.

SEO #2
Every page should have a descriptive title.

SEO #3
A website menu is an important source of links between web pages. Use this to your advantage, and make all links search engine crawlable.

SEO #4
Page loads quickly by having well optimized code and image sizes.

SEO #5
Add new content regularly.

SEO #6
Consider regional visitors.

SEO #7
Build a site with a new, fresh and interesting layout.

SEO #8
Consider each page carefully - every single page can attract potential customers. People want a website that relates to what they have typed in Google.

SEO #9
Your site must cross browser compatible.

SEO #10
Concentrating on large, competitive terms = X amount of traffic per month, if they rank highly.
The accumulated traffic from all of your long tail terms = Y amount of traffic per month, if they rank highly.

SEO #11
Think about what other related information people will search for.

SEO #12
Check carefully for broken links. Use Googles webmaster tools for showing missing pages.

SEO #13
404 pages return a correct 404 response header!

SEO #14
Page code W3C compliant. It will help users, and thats even more important then SEO.

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