Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Math Feud, A basket ball game

Math Feud
A basket ball game

You will need
· Paper ball
· Trash can
· 2 Groups/teams of 3 or more
· Math questions that are on the index cards
· Formula sheet for each group
· A host.
· A quarter
· A mini white board
· Pencil, paper and calculator

Object of the game
The host will have a set of index cards with the math questions. Each team will get a formula sheet from the host. To start the game a quarter will be flipped to see which team gets the 1st question. On the back of each index card is a number. This number indicates the amount of points that the team will receive or lose depending on if the answer to the question is correct. The host will read the question after he or she as put It on the board. If the team gets it right they get to shoot for the points that are on the back of the card. If they get the question right but miss the shot. Then they keep the next question but lose the points. If the question is wrong then the other team can steal it. Each team gets 3 minutes to answer the question.

How to win
In order to win the game you must get 15 point.

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