Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Planning, Great Living

People and planning, live and living, just already be a need. That's why these parts can not be separated from our daily activities. Being a businessman, Role of the Strategic Planner is a must so those goods and services can be marketed immediately and absorbed by the market, for example a corn farmer planning to sell the harvest from the corn for the next three months and the money from selling corns planned to pay his children school fees, books, house and others.

Role of the planning is so important, can't be ignored by anyone who does the activities, nowadays business planning (goods and services) is ultimately intended to get more money, but ironically people are often not planning to make more money obtain from own works.

In real life people often spend a large amount of money in sale program or discount program, bought goods from sale item that people don't actually need it for now and have lost more millions of money due to incorrect information from some investment advice that is not appropriate.
The fact is those who work in the field of finance and often provide financial advice to customers when asked if they have a personal financial planning program and just a little who say 'yes' I already have.
But if we ask them if you want to be rich? Their answers are 'yes' I want to be rich.

I want to be rich, that's all people wants. But there are some problems before it, all people facing on a desire to become rich but don't know how to, that people surely know is how to spend the money, then how can become rich?

Become rich is actually very simple, it can be done through real sector and financial sector . The second sector ( financial sector ) is very potential to make you become more wealthy but don't forget there is a risk factor that should be anticipated from the start of this planning. That I want to tell here is the financial sector in accordance with the competencies that we have through financial planning.

Financial Planning is how we can make the right planning in line with the available time, to create prosperous we become.

Income & savings - investment - liabilities (debt) - routine expenditure

This planning make you feel your asset growing, you will feel the financial planning is no longer a need for a duty of duress.

Then how much we must save for the investment? It is relative depend on your financial condition, but limits that we provide at least 10% of your income regularly invested every month, don't ever reduce your investment if you want to become rich next day. Put investment instruments in appropriate place and different available time (short, medium or long).

You have obligation, your maximum monthly debt repayments are equal to 30% of your earnings, if is above 30% then you have to reduce the routine expenditure for, can be combined with another addition earnings, remember your net wealth is accumulation of assets minus debt. So, someone rich or not rich if he can meet those criteria.

Failure is not a choice, this may sounds wise, because each person is sure of being success and never choose failure.
Being realistic is very good, discussed your financial planning with professional and specialist and independent, so they give objective advice and in the end you are planning for a better life for yourself and the family beloved,

Great Planning for a Great Living

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