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Avoid the Procrastination

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Do you put off things until tomorrow what you can do today? If so, you are a procrastinator. A lot of people consider that a little procrastination is acceptable and perfectly normal. In daily life, many times you still delay the task. But, you’re not aware that if you still delay what you can do today, you are inviting trouble. For example, a lot of students commonly delay to study for their final exam. So, they must study hard in limited time, or just one night before the exam. Exactly, it’s futile to study hard in limited time, or just one night before the exam. If you do that, on the day you’re doing the final exam, certainly you feel so tired and feel sleepy. And if you feel sleepy, you can’t concentrate on your final exam. Another example, most of people commonly procrastinate to seeing the dentist semi annually. Usually, most of people just seeing the dentist if they have a toothache. And for the result, they must have a medical treatment for their toothache. I consider that medical treatment for the toothache is always painful. So, for that reason people usually postponing seeing the dentist, in other words people dread to seeing the dentist. Finally, from that examples, we know that procrastination can cause a bad result. So, we must avoid the habit of procrastination. I believe that by being discipline with yourself, always remember all of consequences, and with support from friends, you can avoid the habit of procrastination.

The first thing to avoid the procrastination is start from yourself. You can’t avoid procrastination if you don’t believe that you can do it. You must be discipline with yourself, you can discipline yourself in many ways. One example, you can make your daily schedule, you should write your activities start from when you wake up till you sleep at night. If you have plan all your daily activities, you don’t need to worry about wasting time in futile activities. Having a daily schedule can rise many benefits in our life. One of the benefit is, you have activities that had been scheduled, so you can move from one of your activities to another activities in the right time. Another benefit is, if you have done all of your chores or your daily tasks, you can have more free time in your weekend, you don’t need to think and worry about what activities that you had delayed, because you have done all of your tasks. One more benefit, you didn’t need to finish your work a day before the deadline, so you do your work not in a limited time, and you can finish your work with better result than finish your work in a limited time. But, the important thing if you have a daily schedule, you must stick with your activities that have written on your schedule.

The second thing you can do to avoid the procrastination is always remember all consequences. Surely, procrastinate your tasks will have consequences. One example, usually if you don’t do your homework or your assignment from your teacher, you get punishment from your teacher. Maybe your homework or your assignment should be done double, or you’ve got to accept another homework or another assignment to be your punishment. Of course those punishment will make you busier, because besides that you must do your assignment , you must do your punishment too. Another example, if you procrastinate your tasks, your tasks will be mounted . In consequence, you must do all of your tasks at one time. Furthermore, in that time you have an event which must be present. How can you do all of your tasks in that situation? So, if you know that consequences you will get more difficulty, and you keep remember that consequences, i’m sure you will think twice to procrastinate your tasks.
The last thing you can do to avoid the procrastination is you ask for help and support from your friends. You need friends to remind you if you procrastinate your tasks. Maybe your friends can remind you about the punishment if you forget to do your work. I think support from your friends to push you up, to convince that you can avoid procrastination, will help you to change your habit. But, if you depend on your friends to support you to avoid procrastination, you should be associate with people who live with discipline themselves. If your friends are rife with procrastination or your friends are procrastinator too, i’m sure that you can’t avoid your habit.

People who often postpone doing things and then get into trouble is procrastinator. Procrastination can become a habit that is hard to break. If the procrastinators don’t change their attitude, it can cause a grave result. So. procrastinators must move with dispatch to change their habit. The important thing to avoid procrastination is start from yourself, you must be discipline with yourself, by having a daily schedule for example, so you can control your activities. Another thing you can do to avoid procrastination is always remember that keep delaying your tasks will have consequences. The last thing to change your bad habit is get support from your friends, you need friends to remind you if you procrastinate your tasks.

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