Monday, June 29, 2009

Health Insurance That Just Right for You

Some insurance companies and life insurance make their health insurance market program with some different variants. In general, the health insurance company's program organized in cooperation with the hospital provider either directly or through intermediary institutions as a hospital network management.

Health insurance is a contractual agreement between insurance companies to its customers. Its contents, if the customer's risk of experiencing health-related, then the insurance company will replace the health cost issued.

Usually, replacement given to: Inpatient, operation, purchase of medicine and outpatient.

Not all replacement from health insurance gives the same. Some products only change Inpatient and other ads to the replacement operation. Only a few products give the full replace, from the Inpatient, surgery, medicine and outpatient, some Medical Insurance cover several medical services and items.

Costs of health care are basically divided into:
1. Health Care Costs, the costs that must be removed so that someone's health still fine. For example: for the health check-up, some vitamins etc.
2. Outpatient costs, the costs that must be issued to pay for consulting a doctor, when someone sick.
3. Inpatient costs, the costs that must be issued to pay for the costs associated with the Inpatient, when someone sick and have to stay.
4. Cost of medicine, the costs that must be spent to buy drugs.
5. Operating costs, the costs that must be removed when someone should be operated in the hospital.

Choosing Health Insurance
1. Health insurance should select that can provide protection Inpatient thoroughly, not only the replacement cost of a room, but also surgery costs, ambulance etc..
2. Keep taking Health insurance, even once your funds are limited at this time to pay the insurance premiums that may be felt expensive. However, select only the replacement cost of hospital rooms. Have this type of insurance excess.
3. Never take for the protection of outpatient services. Cost that you spend for treatment / dental treatment within a year is usually smaller and not at all comparable with the premium you pay.
4. Never take Health insurance that also provides the replacement cost of labor (Maternity). This is usually because the premium you pay will be almost the same magnitude with the number of claims later. Labor costs offered by insurance companies for labor is usually normal Maternity or confinement complicated Maternity.

Addition, the insurance company does not claim Maternity serve in the first year you pay the premium. This means you must pay a premium now, and new benefits you can receive if you give birth in the second.

So anyway to buy health insurance so must match the capabilities and objectives of the health insurance we participate. Not all health insurance products that can claim the product as the best, all the insurance products designed to meet a specific target market.

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