Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get your own unique Facebook profile URL

Starting from June 13, 2009, you can get your own unique Facebook profile URL! Realize how your profile page might look something like: It’s silly, hard to remember, and there is no easy way to show your profile to other people unless you give them the full link to your Facebook profile.

Now you can register your own URL by going to Hurry up because you will compete with other Facebook users around the world! Once you choose yours, you can’t change it again though, so choose carefully!

Famous name Facebook users are going to be interested in the vanity URLs because it will make it easier for non-Facebook users to find them, noted Jacobson.

Those Facebook users who restrict access to their information may find it more convenient for their friends to connect to them with the vanity URLs, but their friends will still have to log in to see their restricted information, she said.

But according to the service, one name has already sold, though it has to be bogus. Assetize just started partially blocking out names sold so you can't see which ones were purchased, but if you load the page you will see

What else is odd about this is that alex is a 4-letter URL, which is against Facebook's rules. So unless it was a Facebook employee who got the URL and was selling it, the whole thing seems to be a sham.

Not everyone was happy with the results of the URL FACEBOOK landgrab, as most of the people didn't get the names they wanted within minutes of login. Goodluck, if you got your's.

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