Thursday, June 11, 2009

Facebook 1.6 on BlackBerry

Facebook 1.6 on BlackBerry, what's the difference?

Facebook application for Blackberry has released the latest version. RIM appears to have improved some of the features in the 1.6 version of this facebok. Like what?

Here is a features the latest Facebook 1.6 :

- Currently Facebook 1.6 photo viewing features. With this feature users can view photos with the slideshow format. Scroll with the movement forward and backwards, user can enjoy the view more beautiful images.

- By the wall viewing feature, writing on wall now can be done directly with only one click, without viewing our friend profile first.

- With the newsfeed support, now our friends status can be seen on each homepage.

- That is not less interesting, Facebook 1.6 has Indonesian language features. There are new additional Thailand and Portuguese language features.

If interested, users can download on Blackberry site.

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